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3.5mm Audio Mic Splitter Y Cable Headphone Adapter 1 Male Jack To 2 Dual Female

  • $ 699

Turns a 4-Pole TRRS 3.5mm audio headset port into two female 3.5mm stereo port both with Mic and Audio Function (When using the mic function, the plugs of microphone and headphone must both be 4 pole TRRS, and DON'T fit for iPhone).
Can be used to split the audio output to two separate sets of headphones (except iphone earbuds) or speakers. A best solution to share cool music, movies and games with your families and friends.
Allow you to connect the headphone and the external 4 pole TRRS microphone (not 3 pole TRS microphone) to Laptop, Tablet, PC computer or Smartphone with a 4 pole 3.5mm combo jack.
3.5mm audio splitter is equipped with premium metal housing and 24K gold plated connector that can resist corrosion and ensure optimum sound quality.
Lightweight, small, convenient and compact design ensure you carry it everywhere you go hanging in handbags or pocket.

headphone/microphone splitter is featuring one 3.5mm Male (TRRS) and two 3.5mm (TRRS) Female connectors, which provides broad Compatibility.

Package Contents
2X  * 3.5mm audio and mic splitter

Compatible with the following models:
- For simultaneous connection of two gaming headset (VersionTech G2000 BENGOO G9000 HyperX Cloud II SADES SA920 but not for not for 2018 updated version Logitech G933) with 4 pole 3.5mm combo plug to an audio source.
- Adopt international standards (CTIA) connection mode: Smartphones, Notebooks and New Computers. (The two jacks of the cable should not connect to a gaming headset with separate audio and mic plugs, otherwise the mic would not work)
- 3.5mm earphones (except iPhone headphones), Portable speakers, Home / Car Stereos, Hi-Fi stereo systems, autoradio.

- Not suitable for gaming headphones with separate headphone and microphone plug (such as Beexcellent GM-2 DLAND PC780-R Sades SA-708 Sades SA928 Logitech G430 Kotion Each G1000 G2000 G4000 HyperX Sharkoon Sennheiser). But B0788M8W77 or B071DMCZQF are perfect for this kind of headsets.
- Not compatible with 3.5mm iPhone earphones. 
- Not compatible with 3 pole TRS microphone
- Not compatible with LG K20V cell phone.