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Sony Rechargeable Active 3D Glasses for PS3, Active 3D TVs - PS398079 - 2 - Pack

  • $ 1999

Sony CECH-ZEG1UX Playstation 3 Active 3D Glasses.

Package contains:

  1. Origional Sony CECH-ZEG1UX Rechargeable Playstation 3 Active 3D Glasses
  2. USB Cable

  • It Compatible with Sony Playstation 3 Active 3D TV Display.
  • It has a sync button and a switch ON/OFF 
  • It has a rechargeable battery inside can be charge by USB cable.
  • It is not compatibility with Passive 3D HDTV.
  • I don't know it compatibility with other Active 3D HDTV or not, you have to check before buying.

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