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Ultrafire CREE Military Grade Tactical LED Flashlight Torch Lamp Aluminum Zoom

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This versatile streetwise Tactical Cree lantern flashlight with slide zoom allows you to easily adjust the focus and with just a slide. It is great for camping, hunting, or when the power goes out during a storm. 
  • Military grade aluminum, made of the highest quality components.
  • Water resistant, can be used even in bad weather.
  • Blinding light helps protect you when shined in the eyes of an attacker.
  • 3 light modes: full strength, battery saving, and strobe for emergencies or self-defense.
  • Easy to carry, lanyard included.
At almost 5 1/2 inches long this Tactical Cree LED Flashlight is perfect for anyone! It is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse so you can carry with you everywhere.

Military grade aluminum protects the flashlight from damage so it can always be ready when you need it.

The flashlight comes with our own Streetwise Rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery and home charger.
220 are the actual lumens, unfortunately many companies inflate the lumen ratings of their flashlights. Lights with this brightness are often advertised as having 500 or more lumens.

Not only can this model operate on the included rechargeable battery but it can also operate with three standard AAA batteries (not included) by using the included battery adapter.


Streetwise Tactical Cree Flashlight w/ Slide Zoom.
Streetwise 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Included.
Home Charger.
Battery Adapter.

Product Warranty:
Own with confidence, the product is covered by the manufacturer for any defects in material or workmanship under normal use for 1 full year after purchase.
Model: SWFZ33.
SKU: 1844-CE.
Terms and Conditions: Except as expressly set forth in the item description, seller makes no express or implied warranties of any kind whatsoever about this merchandise. Seller is not responsible for consequential, incidental or punitive damages of any kind whatsoever. Seller’s liability is limited to the amount paid by Buyer including shipping/handling charges.

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