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White Universal 3.5mm Headset Audio Jack Extender Headphone Adapter Battery Case

  • $ 499

Product Description

Color: FlexFit White

Made for iPhone and Android Devices
Made for devices with 3.5mm (1/8 inch) headset audio jack, including iPhone or Android smartphones or tablets, to extend the reach of any 3.5mm headset or headphone.

Slim Long Head-End BarrelIts head-end barrel has a diameter of 0.225in (5.7mm), ideal for high-end battery charge cases and juice pack with an audio jack opening with a diameter of at least 0.23 in (5.8 mm), including MFi-certified battery cases for iPhones made by MobilePal, Anker, Mophie, Adapter for BX120, BX120plus, BX140 & BX140plus 3.5mm Headset Audio Jack Extender; Headphone Adapter for Battery Charger Case, Power Case, Juice Pack for iPhone and Android Smartphones and Tablets; 4-Pole 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Extension Cable [Gold Plated Connectors / No Sound Distortion / Works with Volume Controls and Credit Card Readers etc.

Connectors with Pure Copper
Contacts provide maximum conductivity and prevent corrosion. High-quality pure copper cable allows consistent signal between components. Works with headsets with/without volume control, and also with credit card readers for smartphones, including Square Readers, PayPal credit card readers, Bank of America MobilePay readers, etc. (except for Intuit GoPayment readers).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
This product is backed with 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

1. This product is distributed exclusively by Popular for sale with lifetime limited warranty. Beware of low-quality counterfeit products sold by other sellers.
2. The head-end barrel has a maximum diameter of 0.225 in (5.7 mm), and it fits most Apple MFi-certified battery cases for iPhones. Consider the MobilePal SureFit model for battery cases with a small opening and the ProofFit model for regular cases with a small opening.
3. The FlexFit model has a flexible front-end barrel. To avoid damaging the connectors, please do not bend the barrel forcefully.